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Introducing Ava

Your personal gaming companion

Ava is completely free while in beta!

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Your Personal Minecraft Companion

Let Ava be your trusty guide throughout the Overworld and beyond
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The Generalist

Have gaming interests other than Minecraft?

Click here for a less specific approach to your gaming companion. Here, Ava can answer questions on a whole host of games and gaming topics.
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Coming Soon

What Will It Be?

Stay tuned for the next iteration of Ava. She has a lot of surprises in store and it's happening sooner than you think!

Coming Soon

What Will It Be?

Stay tuned for the next iteration of Ava. She has a lot of surprises in store and it's happening sooner than you think!

Who is Ava?

Have a gaming companion that is always there and always has your back.

Meet Ava, the gaming companion for quick tips and epic wins.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ava?

Ava is your personal gaming companion, there to quickly answer questions or coach you in the right direction so you don’t have to set aside your controls. slog through endless information and get lost among the cat gifs.

Is my information secure with Ava?

Ava values your privacy and takes great precautions to ensure the safety of your personal information. Your conversations with Ava are strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone else. Additionally, any data collected during your interactions with Ava is completely anonymized, meaning that no personally identifiable information is attached to it. This ensures that your conversations and data remain private and secure at all times. Thank you for trusting Ava as your personal gaming companion.

How much does Ava cost?

One of the best things about Ava is that she is completely free while in Beta. This means that you can utilize all of her features and services without paying a single penny. However, if you find Ava useful and would like to support her development, she does accept donations.

Your contributions will help us improve Ava’s capabilities and add more features that will make your life easier. We appreciate any amount you can give and promise to use it towards making Ava the best gaming companion out there.

There will always be a free version of Ava available for anyone to use. We believe in making technology accessible to everyone, and we want everyone to benefit from this amazing companion.

What can Ava do?

Ava is your AI-based Personal Gaming Companion. This hilarious and helpful sidekick is designed to work at lightning speed, providing you with the tips, tricks, and answers you need, right when you need them. She’s like having a gaming guru right by your side, ready to dish out the wisdom you crave. And the best part? She remembers your conversations, so she can tailor her advice to your playstyle and help you level up like a gaming legend. It’s time to say goodbye to frustration and hello to gaming greatness with Ava!

I only see Minecraft. Is that all Ava can do?

Ok, she’ll try not to take offense to that.

She can do a lot of things. But she wants to take her time getting things right before she starts flexing her knowledge in other games. Very soon she will start rolling out new games on a regular basis and some really cool features she doesn’t want to tell us about yet.

First of its Kind All-in-One
Ai Gaming Companion

Tired of endless digging for info? Sick of being bombarded with ads and clunky wikis? Say goodbye to all that! Get the relevant info you need, fast, and get back to your gaming, uninterrupted.

Personal Gaming Companion Ava

For Gamers Everywhere

• Never lose time searching  again with Ava by your side, providing quick tips and information during intense gameplay.
• Level up your gaming skills effortlessly with Ava’s ability to learn and adapt to your playstyle.
• Keep the fun going without interruption – no need to pause your game to search for answers, let Ava do it for you!
• Build a strong and hilarious relationship with your new Ai gaming companion – she’ll remember all of your funny conversations.

Ava is Free while in beta (and she will be for a while)!


Welcome toAva!

You seem to have come from or!

And while you may be a bit confused, it is true. and are gone :-(

Hopefully you can find some help with Ava, our Ai Gaming Companion. Right now she’s mostly focused on Minecraft, but you can probably get what you need from The Generalist.

You’ll be surprised at just how helpful she can be.

If you still want human, 1 on 1 coaching, check out our Discord as our most active coaches are still lurking about.

But first, give Ava a try!