Maybe you’ve been playing competitively for years, but feel stagnant in your improvement. Or perhaps you’re completely new to competitive gaming and want to “get good” at a faster rate. Esports coaching can help you grow to be the best gamer you can be.

3 Ways Esports Coaching Will Grow Your Gameplay

Here are three examples of how Esports coaching will grow your gameplay.

Professional Opinion

Think back to a time you were asked to write an essay for any class in school. Your teacher probably asked you to have a peer, friend, or parent proofread your work. Extra helpful were the after-school or lunch sessions your teacher may have provided so they could help you personally. These extra sets of eyes helped catch mistakes you otherwise would’ve missed, like spelling or grammatical errors.

The same logic can be applied to Esports coaches. Having someone watch you play live or on VOD can lead to more mistakes being caught. For example, you may not have noticed your positional errors because you were focused solely on your aiming ones.

Having a coach watch your gameplay is like having a teacher proofread your work. Like a teacher, coaches have professional experience and opinions. They will be able to catch the misplays that even your teammates miss. This is because you may not realize what you are doing is a mistake in the first place (like the many essays with misused semi-colons… what, just me?). You may ignore these misplays because you think they’re correct, but an expert’s eye will tell you otherwise and train you so you avoid them in the future.


Coaches can help keep you accountable. Whether it be staying true to the number of hours you practice in a week or ensuring you don’t fall into the trap of toxicity, coaches are guides that keep you on track to being the best player you can be.

Without someone else looking out for your success, it’s easy to make excuses for yourself not to practice… One day missed can turn into two, three, and so on. Alternatively, you could be practicing too much, leading to burnout. Coaches help you stick to a healthy schedule that will avoid these pitfalls. They are experienced in balancing work, life, and play, and will help you find the harmony between those aspects that’s suitable for your needs.

They can also ensure you don’t fall victim to toxicity. It’s easy to get frustrated at an opponent or even a teammate. Coaches can act as a wall between you and those negative feelings, and help you navigate around the temptation to BM*. In professional play, BMing can lead to fines, bans, and even the revoking of contracts. If you plan on hitting the big time, it’s best to begin controlling those feelings of frustration early. A coach will help you build the toolkit you need to release frustrations in a constructive way.

*BM = Bad Manners, use of bad manners in-game


If you hire an Esports coach, it’s likely they also know a few coaches themselves. If not personally, then their coaching colleagues are likely to know someone in touch with a semi-professional to a professional player or team. With that contact, the possibilities are endless.

Your coach can help set up scrimmages against these other coaches and their teams, leading to more constructive and competitive practices. These connections can also help you get a foot in the door if you see professional play in your future.

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