AatroxAre you a fan of League of Legends? If so, you’re in luck. We’ve got a comprehensive guide on one of the most powerful champions available: Aatrox. With his massive damage output and high mobility, The League of Legends Aatrox champion is an excellent choice for any player looking to crush their opponents.

First off, let’s look at what Aatrox brings to the table. As a bruiser-type champion, he excels in both close quarters combat and team fights. His unique abilities allow him to both dish out massive damage and absorb heavy amounts of incoming damage himself. He also has an array of offensive and defensive spells that can help him survive even the toughest encounters.

Ultimate Ability

One important thing to note about Aatrox is his ultimate ability, Massacre. This devastating attack allows him to unleash a brutal combination of strikes that can quickly decimate any enemies nearby. It also gives him a short duration shield that allows him to avoid direct spells and attacks from enemy champions during its duration. When used correctly, it can be an incredible asset in team fights or skirmishes alike.

Builds and Playstyle

In terms of builds and playstyle, Aatrox tends to prefer tanky items with some offensive options mixed in as well. Items such as Ravenous Hydra, Dead Man’s Plate, Iceborn Gauntlet, and Titanic Hydra all give him great survivability while still allowing him to do considerable amounts of damage when needed. Combine these items with a healthy mix of attack speed/attack damage runes and you’ve got yourself a champion that can really pack a punch!


When playing as Aatrox it’s important to know when attacking is worth it and when it’s not. He has strong early game potential but if he pushes too hard or gets caught out by enemy teams then he can quickly become overwhelmed due to his large health pool and lack of escape options outside his ultimate ability or Flash spell. Patience will serve you well with this champion so try not to overextend unless absolutely necessary!

All in all, there are few champions who can match up against the power of Aatrox in League of Legends right now. With his impressive stats and kit, he makes for an amazing addition to any team comp looking to put pressure on the opposing side with ease. So give him a try today!


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