Meet Lifeweaver, the New Support Hero

Overwatch 2: Season 4 introduced a new support hero, Lifeweaver. The 37th addition to the game has the most unique ability to heal and reposition allies using a tether ability called Lifegrip, making him a valuable asset in any team composition. The hero also has a disruptive ability called Petal Platform which is a pressure-sensitive platform that launches any hero that steps on it into the air. Liveweaver’s inclusion to the Overwatch 2 competitive meta brings in a lot of new dynamics to various team compositions.

The Best Team Compositions this Season

Lifeweaver pairs well with heroes who have limited mobility but high damage, especially in cases where he can save those who are vulnerable after making risky and aggressive plays. You can also bring out Lifeweaver’s full potential by having the hero manipulate your allies into position and reset their health and cooldowns. Below are a few examples of team combinations that make Lifeweaver a lifesaver for your matches.

The Lifeweaver and Reinhardt & Reaper Combo

Reinhardt and Reaper have high damage output when playing close-range, making them ideal heroes to pair with Lifeweaver’s Lifegrip ability for getting saved out of sticky situations. The Petal Platform ability can also help Reinhardt reach new high grounds which helps make dive plays with Reaper possible from unexpected map areas

Bastion Shines with Lifeweaver 

Bastion, who is already a character that has been succeeding in the meta, can be more viable than before when paired with Lifeweaver. Bastion’s natural armor health and ability to deal high volumes of damage make him tough to take down, and he becomes even more useful when paired with Lifegrip to swing them to the backline to reset their cooldowns. 

Cassidy’s Close-Range Potential with Lifeweaver

Cassidy, despite getting two nerfs to his kit, is also far more effective with Lifeweaver in the game. Cassidy has some outrageous close-range potential with his “Fan The Hammer” ability and can use Lifeweaver’s Petal Platform or Lifegrip abilities to provide him with additional defenses and escapes from dangerous situations.

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