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“What should I be thinking about when I’m in a losing situation??” – Anonymous Twitter User

Coach Aidan | High school and collegiate-level Overwatch and competitive robotics coach

Game Coach
My losing series answer actually taps into my other coaching experience, which is high school robotics! Our matches always feature three teams against three other teams, which is randomized as we play qualifying rounds at a tournament (but are hand-picked by the top 8 teams for the Eliminations Bracket). Sometimes, this leads to matches that are unbelievably tilted in favor of one “alliance” or another. For my students, our thought process in these matches usually involves recognizing what our individual team’s strengths are, and how we can highlight that to other teams. This way, even though we might take a heavy loss, we still come out with some highlight that makes us look good or shows where we fit into a larger alliance (Think: Strong player from an underperforming team gets picked up by talent scouts).
In some cases just playing to our strengths, even if it’s “off-meta” can yield us really strong results. We’ve won underdog matches by narrow margins with a scrappy team as a result. Positive Mental Attitude!

Coach Goyo RL Supersonic Legend Coach and Competitive Player

Game Coach Goyo
“There are two parts to this question: tactics and mentality. With tactics, think about repeat patterns of the last games and see where there is a consistent failure. Do the same and find patterns of success as well to make adjustments. As for your mentality, I would do your best imitation of a goldfish. Forget and move on because you only have ten seconds of memory! (Although I don’t think goldfish actually have a memory of ten seconds.)”

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