How to Make Money as a Video Game Coach

I have been a Video Game (AKA Esports) coach for over a year now with an added year of experience in traditional sports coaching. I know first hand that Esports coaching is a lucrative career to explore, and I’m here to explain how.

Teacher First, Gamer Second.

Every gamer has at one point asked themselves how to make money as a video game coach or by playing video games. One thing that should be made absolutely clear to anyone looking to get into coaching video games is that it’s more than just “being paid to play.” Being good and putting time into the game you want to coach is important, but coaching goes far deeper than pure mechanical skills. As a coach, you are working in the service of others.

To be a coach you have to be prepared to work at another person’s pace. You are in charge of teaching players something new which may feel like a frustrating, repetitive process for yourself, but that is not the same for the person you are teaching. To them, what you are teaching is fresh and exciting knowledge. Be patient. You may be giving out gameplay advice that comes subconsciously to you, but takes full brian power for someone else because they’ve never tried it before.

Find Your Style & Make Your Sessions

Being a Coach can mean having a wide variety of responsibilities expected of you. Determine your style of coaching so players can match themselves up to you. For example, coaching a team of players will look far different than coaching someone 1-on-1. Which situation can you picture yourself coaching in?

Once you’ve decided, the next step is to create your sessions. Do you prefer watching and analyzing footage of gameplay as a means to share your knowledge? Become a VOD review coach. What about getting on the map with your players and helping them in real-time? Offer “play with a coach” sessions by the hour.

Know that your sessions are not set in stone. You can change what you offer at any time depending on how you want to pursue coaching. You don’t have to commit yourself to only being a VOD review coach, as diversifying your offers will get you more clients.

Need Ideas for your first session? Browse coaching sessions to get inspired and start creating your own lesson plans.

Seek Experience to Boost your Resume

Clients are more likely to hire coaches who have multiple experiences in the Esports industry under their belt.

Look to join your school’s Esports team or club, even if it’s as a player rather than a coach. This alone shows clients you have experience working with others. Similarly, does the team want a captain? Try to put yourself in leadership positions as this shows your capabilities in a professional setting.

Not in school? Many Esports organizations can be found online, whether it be on Twitter or Discord. Try joining an organization and working your way up the ranks.

Hire a Coach. This may seem silly at first, after all, you’re confident enough in your skills to want to be a coach in the first place so why would you need coaching yourself? Again, coaching is deeper than mechanical skills. By hiring a coach you will learn about interacting with clients as well as picking up on important coaching manners. Having experience on the other side as a client will help you be a more well-rounded coach in the long run. Plus, It’s a great networking experience that will help you meet people in your field, and expand the potential for future lucrative ventures. Not to mention you may learn a thing or two about gaming itself along the way!

Ready to Coach?

Gamerabble is a platform that Esports Coaches can use to offer freelance sessions to clients. Sign up and publish your first sessions to start earning money as a Video Game Coach.


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