Whether you’re a school team, an Esports organization, or just a group of friends looking to get better, the following Rocket League drills are made to increase teamwork and synergy among your teammates through communication!

As a high school Esports coach, I’m always looking for new drills my players can try during practices. One concept I always come back to is communication. Communication is the glue that holds teams together, so practicing it often is key!

Here are 2 of my favorite drills:

Hot Potato Pass


The main rule for this drill is that you only have one touch on the ball. Once you’ve touched the ball, you cannot touch the ball again until after a teammate does. When you get a rhythm going, try upping the tempo until you’re playing at maximum speed. You’re looking to get as many successful passes (meaning, you hit the target that you communicated to your teammate) as you can.

The ball is like a hot potato. The time between receiving the ball and passing it should be as short as possible, while still being accurate.

This drill won’t be pretty at first, but once you get in the swing of it, watching the smooth passing and rotation is extremely satisfying!

How it Helps

I recommend this drill to a lot of my new teams. Not only does it work on mechanical skills, but it also gets the team talking. To run this drill successfully, you can’t have a quiet field. Every player will need to be calling out what they’re doing and who they’re passing to. It’s great repetition for new teams to internalize each other’s preferred names (some players react faster to their IGN, while others to their real name), and what their car looks like. These memory recall skills are important in the necessary seconds it takes to communicate plays live.

One Speaker Drill


The main rule of this drill is that only one person can speak during the entire game. This drill is to stress the importance of the individual player’s voice on the field. You can create a custom game if you have enough players to pit against each other, otherwise, hop into a casual match to try out this drill.

The shot-caller is in charge of communicating ALL of the plays. If they see a good pass from one teammate to another, they must say “Play A pass to Player B” and so on.

Rotate the shot caller after each game.

One of the most important parts of the drill is the breakdown afterward. Ask your team what worked and what didn’t. Most importantly ask, “why?” This is meant to remind the players that communication is a valuable skill. Having both the physical sample through playing the drill, and verbal confirmation through the after-game discussion, the importance of communication will find itself solidifying in your players.

How it Helps

We all have the quieter players on our teams. This drill is meant to confront those quiet tendencies by having everyone take a turn as the primary shot-caller. Players will get used to following each other’s directions, which helps avoid potential power struggles within your team, like one person speaking over another.

This drill is also to help keep communication on-topic. Even though it might be fun to talk about what happened today or what you’re doing this weekend, if it’s not pertinent to the game at hand, it should be saved until after practice time or during downtime in loading screens. The shot-caller has to be on-topic to make sure their teammates are getting the necessary information to win!


I hope you found one of these drills to be useful in your Rocket League practices. Follow us on Twitter to keep updated on more guides like this!

If you liked any of these drills, try them out and let us know your thoughts!


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