The Gamerabble Guide to Utilizing Kha’Zix in League of Legends

League of Legends is a popular multiplayer online battle arena game, known for its diverse cast of champions with unique abilities and playstyles. Among them, one champion stands out as a deadly predator from the void: Kha’Zix. This insectoid creature has the ability to evolve and adapt throughout the game, making him a fearsome opponent on the battlefield.

Evolutionary Adaptations

Kha’Zix’s passive ability, Unseen Threat, allows him to deal bonus damage after using his Void Spike or Taste Their Fear abilities. But what truly makes Kha’Zix stand out is his ability to evolve his other abilities, granting him new and powerful upgrades.

  1. E: Leap: Kha’Zix’s first evolution choice allows him to upgrade his Leap ability, increasing the range and damage of this gap-closing maneuver. This can be a game-changer in team fights or when trying to catch fleeing enemies.
  2. W: Void Spike: The second evolution choice for Kha’Zix’s Void Spike ability grants him the ability to launch three spikes instead of one, dealing increased damage and slow. This can be useful for poking enemies or securing kills.
  3. Q: Taste Their Fear: Kha’Zix’s third evolution option is to enhance his Taste Their Fear ability, giving it increased range and damage. This evolution can make Kha’Zix a formidable assassin, able to take down enemies with ease.
  4. R: Void Assault: The final option for Kha’Zix is to evolve his ultimate ability, Void Assault, which allows him to have an additional cast and increased stealth duration. This can be useful in both offensive and defensive situations, giving Kha’Zix more mobility and survivability.

Early Game Strategy

In the early game, Kha’Zix’s goal is to farm and level up as quickly as possible. His passive ability and Void Spike ability make this relatively easy, allowing him to clear jungle camps efficiently. However, it’s important to be mindful of enemy junglers who may try to invade his jungle or ambush him during his clear.

If given the opportunity, Kha’Zix can also gank lanes to secure kills for his team. His Leap ability allows him to close the gap and surprise enemies, while Void Spike and Taste Their Fear deal significant damage. Remember to communicate with your teammates and coordinate ganks to maximize your chances of success.

Mid Game Dominance

As Kha’Zix reaches level 6 and beyond, he becomes a serious threat on the map. With his ultimate ability unlocked, he gains increased mobility and stealth, allowing him to set up ambushes or escape sticky situations.

This is also the time to start considering which abilities to evolve based on the game’s situation. If your team lacks engage or crowd control, evolving Leap can help fill that role. If you need more damage or poke, consider evolving Void Spike or Taste Their Fear.

Adapting to the Late Game

As the game progresses and team fights become more frequent, Kha’Zix’s ability to adapt becomes crucial. Keep an eye on your teammates’ item builds and adjust your evolution choices accordingly. For example, if your team has heavy AD champions, evolving Void Spike for armor penetration can be beneficial.

It’s also important to consider the enemy team’s composition and their item builds. If they have a lot of healing or tanky champions, evolving Taste Their Fear for increased damage and isolation damage can give you an edge in fights.


Kha’Zix is a versatile and deadly champion in League of Legends, with the ability to evolve and adapt throughout the game. Mastering his abilities and knowing when to evolve can give you an advantage on the battlefield. So heed this guide, fellow summoner, and bring chaos and carnage to your enemies with Kha’Zix, the ever-evolving Voidreaver. Happy hunting!


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