A Beginners Guide to Rocket League | Vocabulary

Maybe you have a child that loves Rocket League and you want to help nurture their interest, or maybe you’re a newbie Rocket League player that wants to be able to play and win with your friends or try out for your school team. Either way, these vocabulary words are crucial to know when engaging with Rocket League, and we hope you find them useful!

The following list of Good-to-Know Rocket League terms has been compiled and defined by one of Gamerabble’s expert Rocket League Coaches.


Each car on the pitch has rockets strapped to it that allow it to move very quickly on the pitch and even fly. Doing so consumes some boost which can be replenished by driving over yellow pads on the field. A player’s boost is displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Jumping and Dodging:

Cars in Rocket League are equipped with a jump function. This allows them to go airborne for a short period of time (which can be extended by boosting). Additionally, when in the air, the car has another jump that can be utilized to dodge the car in any direction. This is very useful when putting a lot of power on a strike.


This refers to any soft touches on the ball that can be easily followed up by a single player. Commonly, you’ll see players carrying the ball on the hood of their car referred to as dribbling. Dribbling can also occur in the air when players combine mastery of many different skills into a mechanic known as an air dribble.

Demolition (‘Demo’ or ‘Boomed’):

Commonly abbreviated as a demo, this refers to a car exploding on the pitch. When a car reaches near top speed, you will see a trail coming out of the wheels. Once this trail is visible, contact with an opponent’s car will explode them and remove them from the game until they respawn a few seconds later.


Rocket League is an extremely fast-paced game. For this reason, you will never see a player sit in the net for the entirety of a match. Instead, you will see teams quickly switching general positions on the field in order to keep the tempo high. Each player needs to know how to play each of these three common positions on offense: striker, midfielder, defender. These terms help you to understand the general roles of these positions, but each player is still involved in the offense. On defense, there is less consensus on the names of positions.

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