Twitch streamers are banding together to get the hashtag #ADayOffTwitch trending in response to hate-raiding.

What is raiding?
Raiding is an option on Twitch that allows streamers to share their audience with other content creators. When ending their streams, Twitch streamers can choose another account to “host.” This means that all of their viewers will now be seeing the other creator’s stream. Pretty great for networking. Not so great when hate gets involved.

Hate-raiding has started happening to marginalized creators on Twitch’s platform, coming often in the form of bot-created mass raids, where inappropriate and malicious messages are spammed into the streamer’s chat. These raids can cause streamers to panic, having no way to combat the bots other than going through and banning them all. Most of the time, streamers will simply end their streams, because they have no other option, and don’t want their channel associated with the hate being spread in chat.

So what is Twitch doing about it?

For starters, Twitch has addressed the issue on Twitter. But some creators are saying it’s still not enough, also trending #TwitchDoBetter.

That’s why on September 1st, many creators are taking the day off Twitch, and streaming to other platforms such as Youtube or Facebook. The intent of this boycott is to bring attention to this issue that needs to be addressed.

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