Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event 2023

It’s time to celebrate! Apex Legends is turning four, and the Anniversary Collection Event 2023 has arrived. Starting February 14th, players can join in on the festivities with a community-created reward track, limited-time Legendary squad set cosmetics, and more.

The event will feature new rewards for players to earn along the way. The Arctic Fusion Fuse skin and Year 4 Anniversary GOrlassar skin are just two of the many rewards available. There will also be a variety of other skins, banners, music packs, and more that can be earned through completing challenges or purchased from the store.

Players can also take part in a limited-time mode called “Locked & Loaded”. This mode is an all-new 2v2 game type where teams compete against each other to collect as much loot as possible before time runs out. It’s sure to be an exciting experience for all involved!

Here’s a list of some of the rewards available:

Make sure to take advantage of this event while it lasts! Get your rewards before they’re gone.

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