Apex Legends players report they are unable to access the game as severs struggle to host the new Evolution event.

While it’s unclear what has caused the issue, Respawn has tweeted out that they are currently investigating the issue of players being unable to load into the lobby after updating their games to patch 10.1. Players are seeing numerous load time issues, including messages telling them to check their internet connection. Secondary to the main issue, those who have managed to load into the lobby have reported issues with cosmetics and UI screens.

Patch 10.1 includes the Evolution event that sees major changes to the game and its characters, most notably the ability for Rampart to pick up her beloved ultimate Shelia and use it while cruising around the map on foot or ziplines. Previously, Shelia was an immobile minigun usually placed behind Ramparts walls and used for legends to lock down an area.

Some users have suggested that the servers are struggling to host the sheer number of players which include a mixture of regulars, casuals, and even new players inspired to check out the battle royale due to these mechanical updates to Rampart.

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