Registration for Blizzard’s “Overwatch League Homecoming – 2021” opened on September 7th, but players have raised concerns over the schedule for West Coast participants.

This year’s Overwatch League prize pool is to the tune of $27,000 big ones (USD), a major incentive for teams wanting to try their hand in the ring. However, one member of UCI Esports pointed out the schedule will conflict with West Coach players, as matches would occur in the middle of classes. The concern comes from players being forced to choose between their academics or athletics.

Although it’s not uncommon for traditional sports players to miss classes with excused game-day absences, Esports is still a growing genre. One Twitter user pointed out the main difference between physical and Esports is the “institutional support,” meaning they may move classes or honor excused absences for soccer players, but not necessarily Esports ones.

Blizzard was quick to respond to the issue, the match times shifting to be played later in the afternoon (4:30 pm PT). However, games will still be played during weekdays, which is when students have classes.

The choice between athletics and academics is difficult for many students, who are likely already stressed enough (such is the life of a college student, right?). But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Of course, with thousands of players across the country, there will always be conflicts. But, with increased institutional support and flexibility from Blizzard, students wouldn’t have to choose, having more time to enjoy their college experience on and off the “field.”

Are you a player participating in this year’s Overwatch League – Homecoming? Are you impacted by the schedule? Do you have a way Blizzard can address the issue most efficiently? Let us know!

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