Gamerabble has partnered with the Amateur Esports Association to help provide video game and esports coaching to the esports youth market. Gamerabble has coaches specifically vetted to work with young people and offers a variety of games, coaches, and coaching programs including 1 on 1 coaching, gaming guides. and VOD coursework.

AEA’s goal is to empower our communities through esports by supporting student-athletes, promoting leadership development, increasing academic engagement, reducing dropout rates, connecting after school program activities with high school seasons sports events/coaches, and developing talent.

“Gamerabble is all about fun and inclusivity,” said Gamerabble COO, Chris Matthews. “The gamer coaching community that Gamerabble has created makes Gamerabbable unique among its peer companies.”

Gamerabble was launched in 2021 by Cecile and Chris Matthews who wanted to use their skills as gamers, Youth Directors, and Coaches to build a video game coaching platform that’s friendlier, and more approachable to all gamers. Being parents themselves, it was important to find a place they would feel safe sending their own kid.

“Looking around, we saw too many places that just looked too intense, uninclusive, and seemed to lean into the toxicity that runs rampant throughout gaming today” said Cecile Matthews, CEO of Gamerabble. “As esports becomes more accepted and parents realize there could be a legitimate future in gaming, esports coaching will not only allow youth who are less athletically inclined, but even those who are can compete and get access to college scholarships as well as other benefits.”

Gamerabble offers live 1 on 1 online gaming lessons with vetted coaches in League of Legends, Overwatch, Fortnite, Rocket League, Smash Bros and more. They also create transcripts for each session so students can review their lesson later for study reference.

The AEA was founded with one vision in mind: providing a safe place for Americas youth to participate in structured esports. Their focus is to deliver the highest level of youth competition while fostering the development of morale, sportsmanship, and citizenship for all players in the league. 

Additional information on Gamerabble is available at Additional information about the Amateur Esports Association can be found on their website,

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