IKEA Adds Line of Gaming Furniture

IKEA has just added an entire line of IKEA gaming furniture to their stores! And Gamerabble recently was invited to take a look at IKEA’s new line of gaming furniture. And as usual we can say that IKEA has some very stylish and creative ideas for your gaming center. From desks to chairs, to mouse bungees IKEA has considered *most* aspects of a gaming set up – even lighting for streamers.

Two of the more interesting things they have come up with are the UPPSPEL, which is of course a pegboard which they see you using to be able to put up and secure your peripherals when not in use.

ikea uppspel
I’m going to need at least three wooden hands

The other, as seen in the UPPSPEL picture is the LÅNESPELARE which, as you likely guessed from the name, is that wooden hand. I had no idea I needed a wooden hand on my desk. I mean, look at the way it’s holding those cans! I bet it could hold all kinds of things I never new I needed a wooden hand to hold.

Anyways, if you want to see some of the other cool stuff they have, check it out here

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