When video gaming first came about, video gaming was seen as a useless pass-time. Many parents would get their children to stop playing video games because they were worried that video games would rot their brains.

But video game culture continued to grow and the video game industry is now worth over $20 billion dollars per year! As technology has developed further, video games have become more complex and more like simulators than ever before. With this in mind; many people wonder whether video game are a talent or a skill?

One of these players got Gamerabble coaching

Some people argue that playing video games is actually an innate talent, saying that not everyone can play video games like others. This talent theory on the nature of playing video games suggests that some people are just born with an ability to play video games at a much higher level than others.

Others argue that video games are in fact, a skill. This is because video games have an infinite amount of levels and there are no limits to how quickly you can improve your video game playing abilities. Just like any other type of skill, video game players improve the more they practice! Therefore video game must be considered a skill rather than talent according to this theory on the nature of video gaming.

Players can improve with practice like all other skills but they also need the right talents (e.g speed of thinking) to play video games well! And the best way to get better is not only practice, but focused practice on specific areas of gameplay, preferably with a coach who can help you keep that focus and point our strengths and weaknesses.

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