Our website is host to top Esports coaches from around the globe. We here at Gamerabble wanted to find a way to celebrate the talent we have on our platform. And so, “Meet Gamerabble Coaches” was born! Interested in the coaches highlighted throughout this series? They can teach you!

Meet Gamerabble Coaches | Coach Lucavario

Toby aka Lucavario



Coach Lucavario is a Sports Management Student at NC State has been in the professional gaming scene for 6 years- a professional Coach and Analyst specializing in VOD review who works with NA and international teams to prepare them for tournaments. Worked with notable teams such as DVS eSports, 95x esports, Hyperspace Dark, Geekay eSports, Galorant Team Missfits. Committed to helping individual players improve to the best of their ability.

“I really enjoy playing Into The Breach and other roguelike strategy games, I have a really analytical mind, and being able to make calculated plays is a lot of fun. I really enjoy the switch, (I loved octopath traveler), and playing smash bros is a lot of fun. Other than that competitive esports has always been my bread and butter and I’m excited to get to make it my job ^_^”

Games you Offer Coaching for

“Valorant, although I’m capable of Apex, Fortnite, and Overwatch by request”

Quick Advice to Boost Gameplay

“For Valorant- always take down moments to think about what the enemy could be doing to beat you right now. What strategies could they employ to counter you? What utility would make your life more difficult? how could they win the round right now? Being able to figure out their win conditions and play against them will allow you to be taken by surprise far less and counter their plays far more.”

Describe your Dream Videogame

“I would really like a game that could mix between first-person shooter combat and more tactical war planning- having someone who could oversee several battles at once and change the flow of the battle while having the players actually fight would be really cool. I know there are some war sim games that offer large-scale battles in a similar way, but something more small scale and controllable would be really cool.”

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