Recent tweets from former Riot Games’ writer reveal mistreatment of a Narrative Team staff member.

Riot Games’ League Of Legends universe is host to thousands of amazing stories. Across Runeterra exciting events constantly impact the lives of our favorite champions. Some avid fans of League of Legends say that the universe behind the game is what made them fans of the franchise in the first place. These epic tales of battles, success, and failures are all thanks to Riot Games’ narrative team. They’re the people behind the player bases favorite events and skin alternate universes, like Star Guardians, Spirit Blossom, and most recently, Coven.

However, not everything is as it seems behind the scenes. On September 2nd, a former employee of Riot Games tweeted out the following:

Statement from former Riot Games’ employee, who wrote for Neeko, Pyke, Ornn, Ezreal, Ivern, Aurelion Sol, Xayah, Ekko, Kindred, and more.

The writer went on to say that “Every workplace has its problems, and it has its benefits” in response to a concerned fan.

Thousands of fans showed their support for the former writer, sending condolences and support for their wife and father. There was also an overwhelming sense of disappointment in the replies, many fans pointing out that they can’t in good conscience play a game from a company that so blatantly disregards their employees.

Some Twitter users also began speculating that what happened here could be related to the reason the recent “Sentinels of Light” event was largely a disappointment for fans, citing key characters acting “strangely” and a climax that left many wanting more (I mean really, after all of that, that’s all it took to defeat The Ruined King? And don’t get me started on Miss Fortunes portrayal).

Overall, the former employee encouraged fans to be wary: “There are no such things as dream companies or creative Utopias.”

As a League of Legends player (with… way too many hours), one of the reasons I fell in love with the game was the backstories that gave my favorite champions life. Personally, I believe It’s vital that we show appreciation for those who work behind the scenes, even if you’re a player who games for Summoner’s Rift and not the lore. League wouldn’t be where it is today without it!

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