Steps for Successful Warding Strategies in LoL

Wards play a fundamental role in League of Legends, providing vision so you and your team can keep track of enemy movements while avoiding surprise ganks. But if you want to become an ace player, you need more than just knowledge of the fundamentals. Follow these steps for successful warding strategies in LoL and taking your game to the next level.

Understand What Warding Is and Its Value.

Before you can learn the best strategies for successful warding in LoL, you need to understand what warding is and why it’s important. Wards provide vision to prevent ganks and surprise attacks from the enemy team. Wards don’t just tell you about enemy movements – they also allow your team to keep track of objectives like Baron and Dragons as well as juke areas for escape routes. With proper warding and strategy, your team can be more aware of their surroundings and make better decisions that will lead to success!

Consider Your Opponent; Be Proactive in Warding.

Before placing your wards, it’s important to assess the strength of your opponent. What kind of strategies have they been using? What champions from the enemy team will you be needing extra vision for? Knowing which enemy champs or jungle paths to ward for can give you an edge over your competition and ensure your team’s safety. Additionally, be proactive in warding. Place wards where enemies might go instead of just waiting for them to show up and responding then. Being proactive will give you a significant advantage in terms of anticipation and preparation.

Place Strategic Wards to Capture Information on Enemy Movement and Activities.

As your game progresses, place wards around key areas in order to get information on enemy movement and activities. Knowing where the enemy team is, can give you an edge over them as well as help your teammates prepare for possible counter-engagements. Additionally, placement of wards plays a huge part. If you know that a certain champion is prone to ganking or initiating plays from a specific area early game, go ahead and drop a ward there so that your team can be prepared for any sudden moves from them. Pay attention to the map with each passing minute and take an active part in placing strategic wards.

Track Cooldowns, Inhibitors and Rift Herald/Dragon Timers Before Placing Wards .

Keeping track of cooldowns, inhibitors and rift herald/dragon timers is essential when it comes to successful warding. Make sure that wards are placed in areas where enemies may be waiting in ambush or trying to steal objectives. Pay extra attention during major events like Baron Nashor respawn or inhibitor destruction, as these can turn the tables for your team’s chances at winning if you give away the enemy position. Knowing about each event’s timer will help you stay ahead of your opponents and place those warning wards ahead of time!

Plan Warding for Team Fights to Maximize Vision Control.

During team fights, it’s important to maximize your vision control. Make sure that you place deep wards in enemy jungle and river so that your team has knowledge of the positioning of the enemy team. This will help you outplay enemies by predicting their movements and taking advantageous positions. Also be aware of when one of your teammates is engaging on a target as they may need added vision if they are diving far away from the minion wave. Place those wards near enemies to give your teammate more time to retreat if they need it!

Use Practice Tools

There are numerous tools at your disposal for practicing, both with other people and without. For obvious reasons, we’re partial to our own coaches, and even more so to our own Ai Match Analyzer. The analyzer itself gives you tons of feedback and you can actually win rewards for your achievements. And it’s free! (mostly)

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